What exactly stress does to your body

What exactly stress does to your body


Stress never comes twice the same, every time is a different shock. It is that strange unpleasant stomach upsetting feeling like before entering a room full of people that you DO NOT want to meet. It is a heavy feeling inside the chest like waiting for medical results and hoping they are good. It is like gurgling and bubbling in the throat while obligations pile up each moment more and more. Or it is like an almost faint feeling when you lose breath before having a mental breakdown.

Of course, we all know all of these situations and feelings, unfortunately. It doesn’t matter which of these was more often frequent with you, but one thing is certain: it is UNHEALTHY for the body, soul and brain too. The British Medical Journalmade a recent study about extreme stress situations (divorce, job loss, death case, illness, etc) and these stresses increae your chance of Alzheimer’s by whole 21%. Same goes for dementia only with 15% – basically everything happens in the head!

Long time ago stresses were huntings and wild animals, but now is all about people relations and finances of course, so we cannot achieve everything all at once. If your finances are almost zero, your sympathetic nervous system is alarmed, or known as fight-or-flight reaction. The hearts beats like hectic, cortisol is over the top, and the oxygen rushed to the brain to prepare it for a fight. Just the catch is there is no fight – just frantic wild emotions and stress. This happens at every such occasion. When those resources are used up in occasional stress situations, the whole body suffers slowly. Read below about more details:


You can change your natural memory even without EXTREME stress. Journal of Neuroscience made a study discovery about connection between high stress hormone levels (cortisol) and short term loss of memory in adults.


The unexpected stress can make you strangely pale since it moves the blood from the face to the lower muscles in the body. On the other hand, steady constant stress makes the skin age quicker, cause more rashes, psoriasis and rosacea due to the release of histamine and increase in oil (acne causing).


The repeated traumas and frequent chronic stress (as doctors refer to as acute stress) create inflammation in the heart arteries that play a main role in heart attack causing. The heartbeat of people with chronic stresses changes the blood’s pumping, worsening the hypertension and chances of stroke.


Fast breathing is a sign of great stress. Plus, if you have asthma, the stress can make an asthma attack, and those that have emphysema can’t get enough oxygen in those stress situations. Another thing: stress triggers more inflammation so it makes the asthma complications more frequent.


The scientists affirmed that women and men both, know this thing: stress fattening is real. The Biological Psychiatry stated that women who had at least a few big stresses one day before overeating, burned far less calories than those who were calm. This can lead up to a difference of over 11 pounds per year!


The chronic surviving mode is tiring for the immunity overall in general, and it can have a suppression if chronic stress takes place. It increases chances of new diseases entering the body and worsen up already existing health problems.

Sweet relief

Now you know what stress causes and worsens in the organism, so try the best relief there is: meditation. It is not about Buddha legends and incenses and similar things. Just think of it as an umbrella term for techniques and things like mantra, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and deep proper breathing. All these help in losing weight, relieving stress and chasing away risks of Alzheimer’s, cancer or hypertension.

If you are stressed now…or whenever, just try this exercise of Dr. Well (4;7;8) breathing, him calling it a natural calming device for our nerves.

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