How to use cabbage for breasts

How to use cabbage for breasts


A lot of women in Europe use cabbage leaf for the breasts or the leaf on the breasts. These leaves lessen inflammation and pain especially after having a baby.

Also pain is soothed and stress to from bad form bras. Experts do not know that the cabbage lowers the pain and swelling too and this acts like a cold compress.

Either way studies shown if you are nursing use this leaf on the breasts.


Out the cabbage to refrigerate for 60 min and when it is cold, peel the top layer, then throw the rest. Get 2 inner leaves. Then wash them with cold water and make sure they no longer have pesticides or dirt.

Cut the stems and fit them on the breasts and nipples too. Then use the leaves that are cold and wrap them on the breasts. If the leaf is no near the nipple, the skin surrounding will be dry.

Leave this leaf for 20 minutes and then you will see the leaf is warm.

Repeat if needed.

If you are nursing still, use the cabbage to lower the swelling and make the breasts healthier. Stop this method when the breasts get better.

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