Top 8 of the autumn tendencies in the shoes

Top 8 of the autumn tendencies in the shoes


The summer days are now history, but that marks the beginning of another beautiful event – shopping for the autumn wardrobe!

With the vast variety of trends that the catwalks provide, still comes another difficult task, namely to select the most important.

Maybe you are sad to store your favorite sandals with high heels in the box, but the time has come to replace them.

From slippers to high-heeled suede elements – see which stand out to be the top 8 trends in the shoes for the fall.

  1. Shoes with open heel

It is this model that literally materializes the best of the two seasons – the open heel of the summer and the closed front part of the autumn. They are comfortable, interesting and certainly very practical because they can be combined with virtually everything.

  1. Borrowed from the boys

The catwalks this autumn once again stole from the male wardrobe our favorite female shoes – the moccasins. Of course, suitable for the ladies, they have very feminine and beautiful details, embroidery and even inlays. This model is extremely comfortable and spectacular for both weekends and during the week.

  1. Shoes with straps

The details of straps and sandals with lace had their moment in the summer, but this fall return with even greater force. Precisely those accents are sexy and completely change the appearance of each model of shoe.

  1. Velvet

The favorite fabric of the designers for the fall is certainly the velvet. The creative dictators of the trends managed to implement the softness and beauty of the material and in the shoes, offering a huge variety of models.

  1. Low, square heels

There is no dispute about the fact that the fashion industry is increasingly drawn to proposals that are practical and comfortable. On this occasion, the designers launched as one of the leading trends for the fall shoes with low and square current. They provide stability without depriving the ladies of the coveted stylish and feminine look.

  1. Shoes like jewelry

The luxurious finishes on the shoes are a theme that will definitely stay with the sequel. Do not be afraid of brocades, embroideries, prints and inlays that will make your feet more beautiful than ever.

  1. Shoes above the knee

Autumn season is ever so obsessed with shoes and boots over the knee. The drama is complemented by dramatic accents of lace, open heels and snug fit on the leg, making this type of models more sexy than ever.

  1. Military inspiration

The retro inspiration from the 90s is transformed into tight and rough shoes, returning the tendency of the military vision. Of course, we stick to high quality materials and genuine leather.