Toms backpacks collection

Toms backpacks collection


The TOMS Bag Collection is inspired by the handcrafted bags TOMS employees were bringing back to the office after returning from Giving trips in Latin America, South Asia and Africa. The entire line reflects the ethos of these bags: hand-beading, rich materials, hand-woven embroidery and functional beauty – while conveying our pledge to make a difference in the lives of others.

Handcrafted with care by local artisans, these unique bags are available in limited quantities and feature authentic details such as beading, weaving and appliqué. Each bag is designed using traditional techniques passed down through generations and often take an entire day to make from start to finish.

 Campus & Tech

Specifically designed to organize and protect a range of laptops, tablets and more during your daily commute. These colorful and multi-textured tech bags come in a variety of styles for students and professionals alike.

 Travel-Inspired Fashion

Lightweight and multifunctional, these bags are built to handle all your travel (and everyday) needs. Drawing on TOMS employees’ experiences as world travelers, each style combines fashion and utility to create a most memorable, globally inspired carryall.


Every year, 40 million women give birth in unsafe conditions without the help of a trained attendant.

Infection is the leading cause of death among new mothers and babies. By providing clean birth conditions, over 1 million mothers and babies can be saved each year. Our latest mission is to have the bag that you carry every day help our Giving Partners deliver the materials and training needed to create safe birth conditions“, says Blake Mycoskie. “So, purchases of TOMS Bags provide funds to our network of Giving Partners to help support training for local birth attendants, along with soap, gloves, gauze, a cord clamp, a surgical blade and a clean surface to help a woman safely deliver her baby”, he adds.

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