This plant mostly grows in wild areas and in N. America and Europe too. It is really healthy and beneficial.

The plant is called Mulberry and for medicine uses was famous even centuries back In ancient times. Even more, it is incredibly healthy.


The fruit is amazing and really tasty, low calories count and in just 100 g you have 43 calories. Besides, they are loaded with nutritive items.

Expert studies proved that mulberries can even fight cancer, neurological problems, aging, diabetes, inflammation and bacterial issues.

Free radical damage is also stopped with this fruit. Also, retina is kept safe from damage of UV rays.

If you want to have silkworms, use this fruit too for the timber. If you need to eat the berry, you will benefit by healthy heart, no tumors, diabetes and similar.

This fruit is also good for many other health issues and medical problems like constipation, joint pain, arthritis, ringing in ears, cholesterol, hair loss, hypertension and dizziness.


It dissolves gut sugars and slowly releases itself in the blood right on time.

In this way you level and control the sugars and prevent diabetes.

The mulberry has carotene, fibers, pectin, vitamin C, acids, resin, inverted sugars and more. Also, vitamins leave their traces like K, E, B complex, etc.

All these nutrients are suitable for every person and affect the headaches, diarrhea, fever, cough, tonsillitis and inflammation too.

To add, you also get many antioxidants and less bad cholesterol. If you eat this for a longer period of time, or as concentration oil, it will keep the cardio system in perfect health.

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