The Best Indication Of A Strong Relationship Is No Sign Of It...

The Best Indication Of A Strong Relationship Is No Sign Of It On Facebook


There are two types of Facebook posts relating to relationships. There’s the “I’m so mad at my partner” posts and the desperate to convince you “WOW EVERYTHING IS SOOOO GOOOOD” posts. You know what’s truly a sign of a strong relationship? Not hearing about it on Facebook.

You don’t post romantic pictures on Facebook…

That’s right. No pictures of ya’ll kissing on a snowy day. No “I looooove him” posts. Just sharing funny Donald Trump memes and Candy Crush requests.

You don’t have arguments on Facebook…

The worst is when you see couples arguing like dogs on Facebook. I don’t get it. Why don’t you get off the internet and fight it out among yourselves? No reason to involve everyone else in it.

You don’t try to make other people jealous on Facebook…

Then there’s the other side, the obnoxious tell-all “envy us” posts from the over-sharing couple. These people usually have joint profiles, even though it’s against the terms of service of Facebook. Here’s the thing though. Walter Payton once rightly said:

“When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”

Maybe your relationship is good. Maybe it’s great. Maybe it sucks. In any case, there’s something way better than talking about it on Facebook. That is: Spending Time Together.

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