Take care of those beautiful hands

Take care of those beautiful hands


Here are some tips of how you can take care of your beautiful hands.

It is said that the skin of your hands can give your age away more than your face. And it is a myth that they need more care only in the winters. Summers too call for hand nourishment and care. Here are some tips on how you can do it –

1. Moisturize:
It is important to keep your hands moisturized even in summers to keep them soft. Apply a good moisturizer every time after you wash your hands. Use at least thrice in a day.

2. Pamper your hands:
Go for a manicure at least once a month and treat your hands to some fine moisturizing, massaging and exfoliating.

3. Use lukewarm water:
Do not use boiling hot water or ice cold water when you wash your hands. Use only lukewarm water every time you wash them in all seasons.

4. Scrub them and massage oils:
use a good scrub twice or thrice a week to remove all the dirt and grime that gets stored on the skin making it dry and rough.

5. Take care of them:
Make sure you wear gloves when you do some dirty household task with your hands!

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