Study: All You Need To Stop A Migraine Is This One Ingredient

Study: All You Need To Stop A Migraine Is This One Ingredient


If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how debilitating it can be. It can keep you from driving a car, looking at your phone, or even getting out of bed. Western medicine doesn’t have very many effective responses to migraines, but fortunately traditional medicine has a simple, one-ingredient solution.

About half of people who ever get migraines will have an attack once a month. Some once a week. Migraines result in 25 million lost days at school and work worldwide. The World Health Organization even classifies migraine attacks as one of the most debilitating disorders.

Migraines are caused by blood vessels in your head dilating to increase the flow of blood to your brain. That dilation is the pain you feel. Additionally, cranial vessels can leak, causing local swelling that puts pressure on your brain. The pain can last anywhere from an hour to 3 days.

So what’s the miracle cure?

A drop of high quality frankincense oil on the bad of your thumb then pressed to the roof of your mouth is the ultimate, near immediate remedy for your migraines. It seems a little bit strange, right? It’s true though! Frankincense oil has been used as a natural migraine remedy for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt.

Additionally, you can apply Frankincense oil to your temples and forehead for a similar effect. But how does it work? Is there science to back this up?

One study points to monoterpenes that are found in frankincense oils. Monoterpenes are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, which reduce swelling of blood vessels that are causing pain. A second study found that frankincense oil reduced the frequency and intensity of headaches in people who suffer cluster migraines.

It’s great to see a little bit of research done on an ancient remedy. It really goes to show that it works!

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