The signs of emotional abuse

The signs of emotional abuse


What starts like a beautiful journey could sometimes take ugly turns especially when one of the partners turn abusive in anyway. You might have heard of emotional abuse from many sources. But how to find out whether you are going through the same?

Well, here are some instances or examples which explain what emotional abuse is like in human relationships. Read on…


Does your partner restrict you in any way? Does he or she set rules and ask you to stick to them? Curbing one’s freedom in any way could be one form of emotional abuse.


Does your partner threaten you in any way? Even emotional blackmail is emotional abuse.


Does your partner isolate himself or herself? Or does your partner isolate you from your family members? Then it is a type of abuse.


Does your partner make false accusations all the time? It means he or she doesn’t want to hear your side of the story. Your partner just wants to blame you.

Ridiculing Or Demeaning Or Belittlement Or Negative Labeling

Does your partner make fun of you in a hurting way? Does he or she enjoy the act of making you feel bad on a daily basis? That’s abuse on an emotional level.

Constant Criticism

Does your partner constantly criticise you without any valid reason? Does he or she derive joy by picking on your weaknesses?

Abandoning Or Ignoring

Does your partner ignore your needs for long periods of time? It means he or she has abandoned you without telling you why.

Forcing Or Ordering

Does your partner force you to do something? No one has the right to do so. If your partner passes orders or commands you and expects obedience from you, think again. That’s abuse.