She is 57 years old and has young feet that look like...

She is 57 years old and has young feet that look like 26 See this remedy


Cracked heels are a visual problem but a health one too. They can go deeper and cause problems.

If you don’t treat them on time, they can pile up inside and get infections.

Also, thick feet skin means there are many dead cells on the skin and blood flow is bad there. You can use pumice stones and files but some other things too.

NEVER use sharp objects or blades to remove this skin. You can cut yourself and get infection inside.

When you remove the first dead cells layer you can start to make them more moist now. Put oil on the feet and massage them.

Also have a foot bath with blossoms or rosemary. That improves better blood flow.


These appear if the skin is too piled up. It can be from friction or pressure of shoes for example. But also at the joints only.


They are sharp and yellowish, grey and white. They are on pressure spots on the skin like big and little toe. The other fingers in the middle are more soft and moist.

Here is a recipe for removal of cracked skin cells.


  • 10 aspirin tablets
  • 250 ml brandy or 70% cleansing alcohol


Crush the aspirin like powder and mix with the brandy.


Shake up this mix every night and dip a gauze in it. Put the gauze on the heels. Put sock on and under them a nylon bag. Leave this overnight. Then wash the feet with warm water and put some foot cream.

After 10 treatments you will be amazed. There won’t be any unpleasant  cracked skin showing and treating the feet with pumice is going to get easier.

Also this mix helps with varicose veins skin when massaged. Also, can be used for treating osteochondritis.


Crush 5-6 aspirins and mix them with lemon juice for making a paste. Put the paste on feet, put nylon and socks again. After 10 minutes, wash it. Use pumice in the end.

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