Remove the pain in the back neck forever

Remove the pain in the back neck forever


Is the pain so severe that you have to lie down all the time? Does it make you sleep less at night? Almost every adult has had neck or back pains at some life point.

It might be due to degenerated vertebrae, hernia disc, stenosis of the spine and strained muscle too. Also, many other injuries are factors too.

In 85% cases, the pain has not been pinpointed for the reason and cause and even modern medicine cannot focus on this in details. Sometimes even magnetic resonance cannot give a diagnosis.

The pain in the back is acute of a month maximum, and chronic that is longer than a month. Mostly, this pain is without any cures along and treatments. But, sometimes when it is chronic, it needs more tests and remedies.

Everyone has felt pain or stiffness in the back and neck. The head feels heavier and neck weaker, and all the muscles are cramped.

Bad posture, heavy loads to carry or folded back are worsening all of this. Also with age or too much physical strains arthritis is starting too. Reading in bed or light workouts and insomnia also become an obstacle.


To sit means weaker waist muscles and you need to stand up and move around a bit at least 10 min. also, do workouts all the time for the back especially.

Also, if you have the same mattress for 5 years, it is time for a change since the pain might be due to overused and deformed mattress.

Also, when you sleep, never sleep on the belly because this will make you hurt even more.

Walk or run for more than half an hour. Also hike and relax while stretching.

Avoid carrying heavy loads and items, and do not lift or tilt all the time. Heavy bags too damage the spine and joints and even lead to injuries.

Also similar things occur for those with small kids. When you take the kid in your arms, crouch and lift slowly with the thigh muscles, not the back.

Remember to always bend the knees no matter the activity. Remember this for carrying babies, bags or brushing the teeth.


The shoulders are special and delicate for the joints and they lead many movements. Since they are so flexible and large, they are prone to more damage. The soreness in the shoulders can eb due to :

  • Unstable joints
  • Stretching
  • Fracture of the bone on the hand
  • Stiff shoulder
  • Dislocation injury

This pain in the neck varies from acute, less than 12 weeks time and chronic, more than 12 weeks. Many reasons are responsible for this and they could be:

  • Damaged or stretched neck structures (tendon, ligament, muscle).
  • Other risks for this are cramps and over-stretching, also bad posture for walking or sitting, a lot of stress, less physical activities, sitting all day at work, bad sleeping position and more.

Use cold and hot compress on the aching areas. Do this every 2-3 hours and also be sure that this compress method helps at least short term.

Do some workouts that are reducing pain. Workout every day and move the neck muscles as much as you can to avoid stiff neck. Some workouts for the neck really help for the chronic pain removal.

Try massages too. This relaxes the muscles all the time! If you cannot go to a studio for massages or are skeptical, try to do self-massage.

Change sleep poses or the pillow. Use feather pillows since they are softer and better for the neck and head. Also, try memory foam pillow that adapts to your head and neck. After some time every pillow MUST be changed. Ditch the ones with hard surface or big height since they get fixed and make the neck stiffer. If you like on the side sleeping, prevent curving of the spine by using a good pillow, higher than the head area. For long trips, when you sleep, take travel pillow with you (like horseshoe) and have better support for the joints.

Less stress! This is a big reason for health problems. Try to relax, do yoga, meditation and similar activities.

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