Remove the ear ache and ear infection with natural cures

Remove the ear ache and ear infection with natural cures


This ear ache can be really hard to handle, sharp, annoying and long lasting. You may or may not know the cause, but you must get to the cause to help your child with ear problem. This pain is awful, but you don’t need antibiotic immediately. Actually, many cures are in the kitchen and are natural so why not check the cabinet?


The latest thing from the AAP was that doctors must focus on the pain, not the meds as far as ears go. Infections can appear and disappear, and too much antibiotics will make the body resistant and weaker.

Many reasons make the ear ache. Sinusitis, cavities, tonsillitis, earwax, teeth grinding and more. But the most often seen is otitis media AOM i.e. middle ear infection. The symptoms are swelling and infection in parts of the middle ear. That AOM pain is caused by trapped fluid behind an eardrum. The signs are fevers, inside ear pain, hearing loss, feeling sick and more.  Kids or babies even will try to pull the ears!



This oil resolves the issue fast and acts like lubricant. It can even stop the buzz feeling inside the ear, so just mix 2-3 drops lukewarm oil and place in the ear canal.


It is antibiotic and analgesic and reduces both pain and infections. Mince garlic and take 1 tsp, heat it, and add 2 tbsp olive oil or sesame oil. Cool it and strain it. Add the garlic oil in the ear, 2-3 drops.


Cut an onion in half and place it on the painful ear. Or heat up small part of it and it should be warm, not soft all the way. Push it into the ear and wrap a warm or moist cloth over this ear. Another way is squeezing onion juice, heating a bit, and putting some drops in the ear. The best time for this is 15 minutes until the onion is cooled.


To put moist and hot cover on the ear is relieving the pain a lot. You can use such packs in many ways, for a hotpack, put rice or popcorn in a sock or pouch. Seal the ends and heat shortly. Also, water bottles, heated up, are good if you have no microwave, just not too hot.


This vinegar is great for ear pains. Put some of it in the ear and leave it for a minute. Then it will come out of the ear. Repeat this 2 times daily.


This herb is painkiller and removes inflammation too. Put the ginger juice inside the ear and also heat up 1 tbsp ginger and ¼ cup sesame oil. Apply externally.


Get a cotton ball and soak it until few drops go in the ear. This removes debris and then you must cleanse the area with warm water after that to remove remaining debris.


This herb removes bacteria and inflammation too. For the ear, crush basil leaves and get their juice. Have 2 drops put in the ear.


Get a few drops from this and put them inside ears. It is the best for ear issues as far as pain goes.


The most potent home cure for ear pain. Add 1 tsp of this oil and 3 tsp sesame oil. Heat this up and apply in the ear, 4-5 drops.

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