Remove tartar from teeth at home

Remove tartar from teeth at home


The tartar is  a deposit of a mineral stuck in the teeth. With time if  not taken care of, this can become more severe and cause periodontists.

You can always visit the dentist but you can do it in your own home too.


– Baking soda

– Toothbrush

– Hydrogen peroxide

– Water

– Salt

– Cup

– Dental pick

– Mouth wash


The baking soda is the best for plaque removal. Mix  1 tbsp soda and ½ tbsp. salt in a cup. Take the

brush and clean it with water first, dip it in the mix and brush the teeth for 5 min.

after this, mix cup hydrogen and warm water ½ cup. For 1 min rinse the mouth with this.

Rub the tartar with a dental pick on the teeth. Do not scrape the gums to avoid the damage. Rinse in

the end with the mouth wash and do this every other day.

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