Prevent many health problems by eating this fruit read about the amazing...

Prevent many health problems by eating this fruit read about the amazing benefits of eating dates


Experts consider dates to be one of the most beneficial foods in the world. They are full of invaluable nutrients and help fight many health problems. Eating this food will help you prevent heart attacks, strokes, hypertension and regulate the cholesterol among other things. They will boost your metabolism and improve your overall health. Continue reading to find out about the amazing benefits of eating dates.

1. They regulate your weight
Eating dates on an empty stomach in the morning will help you prevent excessive fat storage in your body. Moreover, they don’t contain cholesterol and will regulate your body weight. What you should bear in mind is that they contain a rich amount of sugar, so don’t over do it.
2. They regulate the cholesterol
Consuming dates will clean your blood vessels and stop the formation of blood clots. This way they regulate the unhealthy cholesterol, or LDL.
3. They are a great source of iron
Dates should be consumed by people suffering from anaemia, pregnant women and children, as they are rich in iron. Consuming 100 g of dates on a daily basis will provide 11% of the recommended daily iron intake. Every 100 g of dates contain 0.9 mg of iron. Consequently, this will boost the red blood cells and haemoglobin. As a result, it will also boost the oxygen flow.
4. They help to prevent diarrhoea 
Consuming dates can help prevent diarrhoea. They are rich in potassium, which stimulates effective bacteria and provides relief to the belly flora and the intestines.
5. They help with constipation
Besides preventing diarrhoea, dates can also help with constipation. If you are suffering from constipation, try putting some dates into a glass of water and let them sit during the night. Then, when you wake up in the morning drink the water. This will have mild laxative effects and improve digestion.
6. They keep the heart strong
Dates can also help keep your heart strong and healthy. What you need to do is soak some dates in water overnight. Afterwards, when you wake up strain the dates and remove the seeds. Then you can either eat them or blend them.
7. They help regulate the blood pressure
If you suffer from hypertension, then you should dig into the dates! They do not contain sodium, but have high levels of potassium. Namely, if you consume 5-6 dates you will consume about 80 mg of magnesium. Magnesium spreads into the blood vessels and improves the blood flow. Namely, about 370 mg of magnesium can really help decrease blood pressure.
8. They help prevent strokes 
Dates contain high amounts of potassium, which is a very important mineral. Namely, potassium really improves the nervous system, thus preventing strokes. Moreover, an approximate amount of 400 mg potassium per day should help you keep healthy and reduce the risk of strokes.
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