Place a clove of garlic in the mouth

Place a clove of garlic in the mouth


Garlic is an ingredient with a variety of beneficial properties.

This vegetable possesses antibacterial properties, cures many diseases, colds, kidney disease, and strengthens capillaries and is a good adaptogen. In Chinese medicine, garlic is used for full recovery of the body.

In fact, the Chinese use a small clove of garlic. They put it in the mouth and melt it with their saliva as if it was a candy. Chinese practice this procedure in the morning and it lasts for about 30 minutes.

The effect is really surprising — saliva together with the nutrients and beneficial substances reaches the blood, and cleanses the blood vessels as well as the lymph. Also, garlic strengthens the oral cavity and gums, and in case of bleeding it has the ability to stop it.

Spit the garlic out, after completing the morning procedure and brush your teeth well. If you can still feel the smell of garlic, even after brushing your teeth, take a few coffee beans or fresh leaves of parsley and chew them slowly. Several sips of milk will completely remove the smell of garlic in the mouth.

Why putting garlic in the mouth is very useful and beneficial?

— It cleanses the blood

— It regulates appetite

— Protects against flu and other respiratory tract related diseases

— Treats chronic bronchitis

— It is extremely useful in anemia

— It cleanses the skin

— It helps in case you suffer from kidney and bladder related diseases and health conditions

— It strengthens the immune system

If putting a whole clove of garlic in the mouth is a problem to you, then you should start with a quarter or smaller piece. Gradually increase the amount of garlic which you should hold in the mouth.

This method of treatment is great against persistent cough and kidney stones.

Many have tried this method and were satisfied with the results. If you happen to suffer from any of the abovementioned problems, then you should definitely try this method.

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