Natural recipe for facial hair removal

Natural recipe for facial hair removal


Women deal with a serious problem and that is facial hair. That hair is due to hormonal imbalance, bad PMS, meds or even pregnancy.


Many methods can remove this unwanted hair, maybe hair removal, electrolytes, waxing and similar. But they can cost a lot and they must be done frequently. Also, they cause red skin or acne too.

The biggest problem here is that the hair appears back again fast. Try this recipe with a DIY mask and remove the face hair.


  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 2 tbsp chickpea
  • Small yoghurt

Mix them all in a bowl and blend them after that. Then put it on the face.


Put the mask on the face in the same way the hair grows. Then hold this for 20 min. after this, use cloth to wipe it off and wash the face with water. When you apply the mask, wear gloves to avoid yellow stains of the turmeric on the skin and nails.

When you remove it, the skin might be red a little bit. But since the turmeric removes inflammation, this will pass fast. Do this 4 times per week. The hair can be gone in just 4 weeks.


Middle East women use this mask all the time and used it for centuries back.

The turmeric makes the skin shinier and removes spots, acne and wrinkles even.

The mask also removes the dead cells and gives you rejuvenated softer skin with NO hair.after a few weeks, the hair will be lighter and softer and after a month – GONE.

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