Natural Ayurvedic Skin Care Recipes For Perfect Skin

Natural Ayurvedic Skin Care Recipes For Perfect Skin


Using a skin toner is essential as it forms a protective layer on your skin after you have cleansed or exfoliated it. Find out how to cleanse or exfoliate your skin. It helps to keep your pores clean and breathing. It allows for deep moisturization and nourishment that can deeply penetrate into your skin tissues.

Using natural and fresh ingredients is key to making your own skin toner. Witch hazel, chamomile, cucumber and rose oil or rose water work well for dry skin. Lemongrass or juniper essential oil are better for oily skin. Diluting them with distilled water or using them in combination with other ingredients can help tremendously. Try some of these ayurvedic skin care recipes for perfect skin.

Ayurvedic Natural Skin Care Recipes

Tulsi toner recipe:

Crush a few tulsi leaves and add it in 1/2 cup of hot water. Stir well and filter it through a fine sieve. Mix 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel. This toner controls acne.

Fenugreek toner recipe:

Wash a handful of fenugreek (methi seeds) and boil them in a cup of hot water. Filter the water and use it as a toner.

Turmeric toner recipe:

Take 1/4 cup of warm water and add 1 tsp of turmeric and 3 tsp of lemon juice. Stir and use as a toner.

Honey toner recipe:

Whisk one egg white and add 1 tsp honey and lemon juice. Egg whites tighten pores while honey nourishes skin.

Cucumber-carrot toner recipe:

Steep 1 tbsp of fresh mint leaves in hot water, strain and cool. Mix 4 tablespoons cucumber juice, 2 tablespoons carrot juice and juice of 1 fresh lemon. Make them into ice cubes and apply them in the morning or night to awaken your skin

Tomato juice toner recipe:

Mix 3 tbsp of tomato juice with 1 tsp organic honey. Use it as a skin toner.


Add the above-mentioned ingredients for dry or oily skin in the toner recipes to make them more suitable for your skin.

Source: Curejoy