Nail art trends this season

Nail art trends this season


Bored of what’s normal and regular? There is much more you can do to your nails than the one-stroke, single-coloured coat. Here are some of the nail art trends of the season.

Sunny Side Up

That’s not the breakfast menu staring at you; it’s the nail art trend these days. Bright, sunny yellow over your nails is a popular trend these days. That’s the colour of canary every girl seems to love flaunting all days of the week. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be yellow all over the nail. Leave out some space to show the natural colour of the nail. For example, you could colour the entire nail yellow but leave out a triangular space from the side to show the natural nail colour.

Underside Nail Art Trends

When there is the nail-art in any conversation, the top of the nail gets the most attention. Underside of the nail is hugely overlooked and mostly abandoned – or it used to be. Underside Nail Art trend is catching up these days where the girls are getting the undersides painted too in cool colours. So you have a top of the nail painted in the most visually appealing colour and the underside that complements it just too well. Even better if you use the nude nail colour on the top and make the underside more prominent with a bright colour, such as tangerine.

Chevron Nail Art

That goes best with the longer nails. So, grow them a bit and then try this trend out. You don’t really have to buy the new colours for it Chevron Nail Art. Pull out the colours you have from the drawer of the vanity and create an incredible chevron design over your nails. You could have a uniform pattern across all the nails or you may randomize it a bit to make it look even more exciting. Chevron in clothing may be a passé but in nail art, it is fast becoming in vogue.

Different nails different patterns

Why do you have to have a nail-art pattern consistent across all the nails? Why not play with different patterns and create swag? Painting the nails in different colours and patterns is a trend that has been around for a while. Many don’t go for it as it does demand a bit of your time and effort. If you couldn’t do it on your own, take a trip to the spa. From simple to overly elaborate, you can get it all done at the spa.