Mix for nicotine removal

Mix for nicotine removal


The body needs at least 48 hours to 72 to remove nicotine off itself. The tartar cream is a miracle for this usage. 1 week of this method is about less the price than ¼ Nicorette pack! This cream is healthy and even if you are not a smoker!

This cream is also known like Potassium hydrogen tartrate and it has a sediment from the wine barrel bottom. No alcohol is in this though.



This cream removes nicotine and even makes the cigarettes awfully in taste to you. Drink the tartar cream and mix it with OJ to quit smoking. The OJ gives you the vitamin C you lost as a smoker and also you flush the nicotine easily. One man had this mix in the night, daily and after a month he quit.


In 100 g tartar you get 2 mg magnesium. Dr. Sircus said the magnesium affects the cell actions of the inflammation. Tartar cream is the cure. NaturalRemediesCentar.com advises to mix 2 tbsp. tartar cream and 3 tbsp. Epsom salt in the bathtub. Soak in this for half an hour to 40 minutes daily. Also use this mix for arthritis pain and instead a bath, use bucket.


The EverydayRoots.com said relieving this changes the pH in urine and makes a bad environment for infection bacteria. Mix 1 and ½ tsp tartar cream and 1 cup water, warm. Add lemon juice, a few drops and take this 2 times per day.


Leaf.tv expert, Penny Packer said the acid benefits of tartar cream fight the acne and clean the skin. Do not put it directly! Instead make a drink from 1 tsp tartar cream and 8 oz. OJ or water. Have this daily and remove bacteria/toxins that cause bad skin issues.


If the level of potassium is too low you might get hypertension. In 100 g tartar cream you have 16.500 mg potassium and in case of high pressure, see a doctor to resolve this deficit. If this is the case, take the cream at night. Mix 1 tsp tartar and 1 glass water before bed.

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