Miracle of Chinese Medicine: Massage This Point Every Day, The Results Will...

Miracle of Chinese Medicine: Massage This Point Every Day, The Results Will Thrill You


The point San Yin Jao (SP6) is extremely important in the area of Chinese medicine, and more precisely in acupuncture. This miraculous point is located on the inside of the lower leg to both legs.

Women are more prone to stress, chronic fatigue and lack of sleep, so for them this wonderful massage points are particularly useful. This massage allows the ladies to look better than usual.

This massage provides many benefits:

The elasticity of the skin

This massage encourages the work of the spleen and contributes to a better elasticity and skin health.

Stimulating sexual desires

Massage on these points shall resolved hormonal problems, boost sexual desire and help women reclaim their sensuality.

Stabilization of the gastrointestinal tract

The massage points SP6 can eliminate bloating and digestive problems solved.

Stimulation of the ovaries and uterus

This massage stimulates the function of the ovaries and uterus, so that it can be specially useful for women trying to become pregnant.

Neat menstrual cycle

The massage of this points can enhance the menstrual cycle in women. It can also alleviate menstrual pain.

The massage technique

First of all, you have to find the SP6 point on your body. It is necessary to determine the precise location of the point to know where to start with the massage.

Place the 4 fingers above the ankle, on the inside of the leg. The point should be less than the index finger. Now, depress the area behind the shins and begin to massage.

You should massage this point for 10 minutes at any time of the day, even though it is recommended this to be done in the evening.

Regularly repeat the massage in order to get the best results.


Source : My Healthy Life Advices