Milk for beauty : 8 ways you can use milk for skin...

Milk for beauty : 8 ways you can use milk for skin and hair


We’ve been hearing and reading of all the good that milk can do to our body what with it being loaded with nutrients but seldom do people talk about how beautiful it is capable of making you when used externally. Milk, in fact can be extremely beneficial to the skin when used externally. After all, it is only for all the many beauty benefits milk bestows upon us did Egyptian Queens bathe in it!

Here are eight ways you can use milk for skin and hair for its beauty benefits..,

1. Use it as a facial cleanser

Milk can be used as a cleanser after you come home post a long day’s work. It cleans up the dirt and dust that might have gotten deposited on the pores of your skin. Dip a piece of cotton in milk (preferably cold milk) and rub it all over your skin to wash it off later.

2. A Bleach face pack with lemon

Lemon and milk together make for one of the best natural bleaches there is. Make a face pack out of the duo by adding besan or any other hardening material to it. Upon using it for atleast a week, you’ll notice that there is a definite increase in your complexion and that the tan has gone down by a great amount.

3. As a scrub with almonds

Milk can also be used in making one of the most effective facial scrubs you can make at home. Grind a few almonds (not entirely but such that they are hard enough to be used as a scrub) and mix them up with milk. Flip your artificial facial scrubs with this scrub and you’ll be surprised at how it can have a great effect on your skin.

4. Use milk as a toner

Milk has been used as a toner for a long time now and has made for a good one too. It reduces the oiliness of the skin and hydrates it. This is especially useful for people with oily skin. Dip a cotton in milk and rub it all over your face. Leave it on for a while and wash it off.

5. It can be used as an anti-acne treatment

Milk can be used as a part of anti-acne treatment too. To start with, it helps reduce the oiliness of the skin thereby preventing acne and then it also acts against the bacteria that is responsible for the acne. Rubbing milk over the acne-stricken areas of your skin can help calm it down for a while.

6. As a conditioner for the hair

Milk is good for the hair as well, when applied externally. It conditions the hair and gives nutrition to to the scalp and the hair follicles. Milk can be applied directly onto the hair starting from the scalp to the tip and washed off after you’ve washed your hair. In addition to making your hair healthy, it also adds a certain shine to the hair.

7. As a hair mask

Along with being used as a conditioner, milk can also be used as a pre-wash hair mask to give nutrition to the hair follicles and the scalp. Mix it with ingredients that you’d normally use to make your hair mask and you’ll notice a definite change in the texture and the health of your hair in a few days.

8. Along with oatmeal as an exfoliating scrub

Oatmeal scrub can be exfoliating, cleansing and nutrifying when used on the skin. And more so when we add milk to it. Make a scrub out of oatmeal and milk and use it on skin every day for about a week to notice a definitive glow on your skin.

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