How to make your shoes unique

How to make your shoes unique


Have you ever asked yourself why humans wear clothes? Other than the obvious covering ourselves up to shield ourselves from the cold, what is the real reason we wear clothes?

And, here’s a better question, why do we feel embarrassed to be naked?

People wear clothes for a lot of different reasons. We wear them to make a fashion statement, to feel better about ourselves, to protect ourselves from the elements like I said before, and because, in a lot of countries, it’s illegal not to wear clothes apparently. With the possible exception of San Francisco. 

Well, anyway, the same reasons why we wear clothes can be applied to why we wear shoes. They protect our feet from the weather, they make us feel better about ourselves, and they make us feel comfortable. So we’ll wear them then
Of course, every person is as good as their pair of shoes. If this is how you roll, then you best make your shoes look as personal and as unique as physically possible. Not to worry, SaraBeautyCorner is here to help you do just that with her DIY shoe projects.