Make dopamine levels charged again and never feel sad depressed or stressed...

Make dopamine levels charged again and never feel sad depressed or stressed ever again


Our brains always release a type of neurotransmitter (dopamine) that is vital for many functions.


  • Regulation of movement
  • Control of the pleasure center and rewarding the brain
  • Improvement of cognition (knowledge, decisions, evaluating, solving problems)
  • Regulation of prolactin secretion

Since it is vital as you see, when reduced it causes health issues like depression first, sadness, anxiety and other negative emotions.


  1. Workouts- physical activities raise dopamine, serotonin and endorphin all responsible for a good well being. You will be happier, stronger and less stressed.
  2. No addictives- alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or shopping even, all are good for the moment but leave a long lasting side effect.

Also, they change our lives for the worse and trap us in a cycle. So, try to avoid and stop these and try to leave a calm life. Also, work as if you enjoy.

  1. Detox- do a detox now and then, since pile up of toxins stops dopamine producing and makes immunity weaker.
  2. More tyrosine- this is one of total 22 amino acids for protein creating. Maybe the most important chemical for making of dopamine. Not just dopamine; also elevates norepinephrine too. To raise this, eat watermelon, green tea, bananas, avocados, almonds and dark chocolate.
  3. Music, music!- dopamine is raised when we listen to good music, even shortly.
  4. Life organizing- the level of dopamine rises when we do small daily chores and tasks, even hard ones. Write down every task on paper and put a tick check. This way you feel happy since you did something useful.

There is  a Principle of Self-Management state; if one task is 25% possible change of a routine, you might feel discouraged to do it and just give up at the end. But still, if it only changes 10% of something, you will likely do it complete, and you might have thought it was small. So, balance every chore either 10 or 25%, and try new things, but set a safe limit.

  1. Be creative- creativity not just raises the dopamine but also makes you focus more. You don’t have to be artist of some kind, but try singing, dancing, crafts, knitting, cooking or auto repairing.
  2. Streak going on- this means a visual memo for the times you do something in a row. Similar to the task point, accomplishing is the goal. Use a calendar or memo notepad with written points and try to do them all. When you do a thing, check point it.
  3. Supplements- use: curcuma (active agent of turmeric), ginkgo biloba, acetyl-l-tyrosine (building block dopamine), L-theanine (makes more neurotransmitters and dopamine too in the brain. Also, green tea contains this.
  4. Meditate- this raises dopamine also, different from cardio let’s say. Improves mood, calmness, mental energy and relaxation, and also removes daily stresses.

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