Main foods to include in your breakfast help strengthen muscles

Main foods to include in your breakfast help strengthen muscles


When it comes to losing weight, avoiding bad fats or exercising more is not enough. You need to go a step further and choose foods that can strengthen your muscles.

Something we all know is that when we get thinner our skin becomes somewhat flabby. If we were able to gain a little muscle mass our figure would certainly be much more slender.

The key is to balance our diet so that we can achieve greater muscle mass while losing weight.

Here’s how to get there.

1. Oats help strengthen muscles

Oats are one of the most complete cereals that we can include in our diet. It is energetic and nutritious, with a high nutritional value, which includes proteins, carbohydrates and a large number of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Interestingly, Germans have two famous sayings regarding this cereal: “oats return to ironmen” and “oats make you quicker.”

These two ideas are undoubtedly summarized in their known power to increase our muscle tone and to give us energy for at least two hours.

How to eat oats

  • Choose to eat whole oats for your breakfast.
  • Let the oats soak, either in warm water or milk, and then mix them with yogurt, chia seeds, juices or fruits.

2. Spinach, a protein source

According to a study carried out at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm (Sweden), spinach helps strengthen your muscles.

  • This is because it releases calcium ions in our body.
  • We can’t forget that calcium is an essential electrolyte for muscle contraction.
  • In turn, spinach is also rich in nitrates, a compound that increases the production of proteins, which tone and strengthen muscles.

How to Eat Spinach in Your Breakfast

  • It’s always best to consume raw spinach. This is how we take advantage of all those enzymes that are often lost during cooking.
  • You can prepare, for example, rich salads with spinach, strawberries and walnuts. You only need to prepare a small bowl to enjoy a nutritious breakfast full of energy.
  • Spinach smoothies are also very healthy.

3. Bananas, which are rich in potassium

We’re sure that you’ve seen many athletes eat bananas during their breaks. Not only does it allow them to recover energy instantly but it also takes care of the strength of their muscles.

  • Bananas contain potassium, a mineral necessary for transmitting and generating muscle nerve impulses.
  • Nor can we forget that bananas contain magnesium, folic acid and fiber. They help us take care of the immune system’s processes and aid in the formation of red blood cells.

How to consume bananas in your breakfast

If you’re able to, don’t hesitate to eat a banana two or three times a week. An amazing way to consume them in your breakfast is by cutting one into pieces and adding a little honey and cinnamon to it. Delicious!

4. White tea and its thermogenic effect

White tea has a powerful thermogenic effect caused by an active compound: epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

  • This natural drink full of antioxidants not only allows us to burn fat, but also helps us strengthen our muscles.
  • Its high concentration of polyphenols is superior to that of green tea.
  • So, despite being a little more expensive, it’s certainly much healthier.
  • Another fact to keep in mind is that white tea is less processed than the rest. It’s easier to digest and will help you gain more muscle mass.

How to consume white tea in your breakfast

Have a cup every morning during breakfast. Don’t add sugar – a teaspoon of honey is enough.

5. Nuts: Walnuts, almonds, pistachios

If you consume them right, in a balanced way and in moderation, nuts will not only provide you with good health, but will also help you strengthen your muscles.

Nuts are our heart’s allies, take care of our brains and even help us fight stress.

All of them are excellent sources of protein, which are capable of accelerating our metabolism and making us full so as to prevent us from overeating.

How to consume nuts in your breakfast

  • Add nuts in a bowl of fruit (kiwis, strawberries, bananas, etc.)
  • You can combine some almonds with a little honey.
  • Dried fruits go very well with yogurts.
  • You can also consume pistachios throughout the morning. They will allow you to satisfy your hunger and reduce your stress levels.

To conclude, as you know, the key to every good breakfast is balance and choosing appropriate nutrients. However, don’t forget to include some protein and fiber, found in the food listed here, to your breakfast.

Strengthening muscles is not just an aesthetic issue, it’s also necessary in order to get a toned body and increase endurance in your day to day life. It’s totally worth it

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