Lovely and Romantic Strawberry Roses

Lovely and Romantic Strawberry Roses


Summer is synonymous with strawberries, and all manner of delicious berry desserts are sure to please anyone.

Everyone has heard of strawberry shortcake, but not strawberry roses! This unique dessert craft will impress your loved ones or guests without much effort.

Just a pinch of creativity will turn an ordinary dessert into something extraordinary. Are they strawberries or are they roses? Perhaps a delicious combination of both.

Materials Needed:

500g strawberries
25-30g granulated sugar
1 lemon or lemon juice
200ml whipped cream (can substitute whipped topping)
Wooden skewers
A sharp knife


Rinse the strawberries well and set aside those that are less than perfect. The berries you choose for the roses should be large, firm and have pretty green leaves.

Cut up the other ones and mix with sugar and a bit of lemon juice and set them aside.

Push a wooden skewer into the bottom of each perfect strawberry as if it were a flower stem.

Use a sharp paring knife to cut four slices around the bottom edge of the berry as seen in the picture. Advance further toward the center of the strawberry, making three to four cuts on each level.

Pour the cut and sugared berries into a crystal dessert glass, such as those for parfaits. Add whipped cream at the top. You could even substituted some vanilla ice cream if you chose. At last, stick the strawberry rose stems through the cream so they are arranged prettily in the glass.

For romance or summer fun, this is the perfect, unique dessert.