Love Yourself: 8 Simple Techniques Will Rewire Your Brain

Love Yourself: 8 Simple Techniques Will Rewire Your Brain


The most important relationship in your life is relationship with yourself. Possibly you have been taught to love other people and not to love yourself. This can be an extremely damaging recommendation if you decide to incorporate it into your life. There won’t be another you ever again, and you’ll by no means get the chance to bond with anyone else like you bond with yourself. When you can discover how to love yourself and the body you reside in a bit more every single day, you become empowered by your own love, which is the ideal way to obtain energy. These simple strategies will rewire your brain to love yourself more.

Step #1: Be kind to yourself.

Talk to yourself just like you are talking to the best friend. Think for a moment: If you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself right now, would they still be your friends? Observe how you talk to yourself to be sure your internal monologue is not littered with self-hatred, verbal abuse, and hostile criticism. Whenever you find yourself in the self-hate trap, lovingly pull yourself from it by redirecting your thought process to something positive.

Step #2: Develop Self-Acceptance.

Practice not to put positive and negative markers on the situation. Give yourself a break and don’t keep scores on your downfalls and triumphs – there is always somebody who does something better then you. Besides, failure might the best thing that could ever happen to you. You can learn from it more then you learn from your success. It makes you re-evaluate your situation and find the way to improve. Keep in mind, that your goal is to embrace who you are and learn to love yourself.

Step #3: Reunite with yourself.

Reserve couple of minutes per day to concentrate on your strengths, your talents, and your remarkable qualities. Make list of all the great things about you and read it at loud for 2 minutes every morning in front of the mirror. Add to this list daily and watch how this simple technique will start building new neural paths in your brain and will eventually change your attitude toward yourself. To love yourself is the initial step on the path of spiritual growth. It’s enabling the wave inside you to recognize the ocean.

Step #4: Develop your confidence.

Demonstrate that you’re ready to accept more love and more joy. Begin by choosing several aspects of yourself that you adore. Concentrate on those and don’t apologize to anyone for who you are. When you display to the world that you are delighted being exactly the person you are, other people will be magnetically attracted to you. Develop into a person who loves himself/herself and enjoys life.

Step #5: Practice Being Grateful.

Be thankful for what you have – it is very beneficial. Based on research performed within the last decade, people who regularly feel thankful have more contentment, more positive outlook, more strength and more social relationships compared to those who don’t. They’re also less inclined to be depressed, resentful, selfish or become alcoholics. These people earn more money, sleep more peacefully, workout more often and also have better ability to resist viral infections. Take advantage of this powerful technique: set reminders on your smartphone to alert you several times a day to pause and think about how amazing the world is and how fortunate you really are.

Step #6: Eat Healthy And Exercise.

If you love yourself, you will take care of your body by doing exercises and eating healthy. You are more likely going to follow a plan if you maintain a healthy diet 80% of the time but allow some “treats” 20% of the time. A strategy that permits periodic splurges has more chances to last. It takes a minimum of 6 months for new patterns to develop and become a part of a new healthy way of life. Exercise! Today’s way of life normally forgets the fact that the physical part of the human being belongs to the animal kingdom – that’s why your body has to move! Like all other species, we have to move to maintain a healthy living. Exercises are vital to our health. Therefore, half an hour of workout 3 times per week is sufficient to remain physically fit.

Step #7: Pamper Yourself.

You spend each and every single second of your life with you, why not invest time to love every second of your relationship with yourself. Take care of yourself just like you would take care of a person you love. It’s okay to spoil yourself frequently. Prove the emotion of self-love with the appropriate behavior. Buy yourself something you really like, nourish yourself healthy and delicious food, balance play and work, stay away from stress filled situations, get adequate relaxing sleep, find possibilities to unwind.

Step #8: Help Others.

To love yourself and to be narcissistic or selfish are absolutely different things. Love is centered on giving and receiving and if you’re able to give adequate care and attention to yourself, most likely you are able to give it to other people too. If you fail to love yourself, you are unable to love other people. Our universe operates through dynamic exchange. The only method to produce abundance in your life is by balancing the dynamics of giving and receiving. In other words, if you desire love, figure out how to give love; if you need attention and gratitude, figure out how to give attention and gratitude; if you desire financial wealth, help other people to improve their financial situation. Once we achieve balance, we produce abundance and wealth in our own lives and also the lives of the people around us.

Source : Healthy Mixer