Keto diet and the health

Keto diet and the health


Many studies proved that ketosis is the best for many health, including obesity. This diet is changing the metabolism and makes you burn carbs and fats. It needs to be 50-70% good fats like butter, coconut, eggs, nuts, macadamia, avocado and pecans. Carbs are almost none and you need to burn the fat instead. Due to this, you have little sugar inside and the fat gets burned.

During this, the body makes ketones or liver fats. The main object here is to force the body in metabolic state, not by starving from calories, but instead starve from carbs. The humans adapt easily to foods so when you get overloaded of fats and have no carbs you will burn ketones as energy source.



Removing the carbs is the best way to lose weight. When you have this diet, the carbs are almost zero and you eat the most fat, protein is medium and you rely mostly on fats as energy and the stored fat makes the ketones.


The cancer thrives on sugar only and the cancer grows more. So, a diet with no carbs and sugars can remove the cancer. The healthy body cells use the fat as energy then. And also cancer cells cannot use fat. In a review of Redox Biology, Dr. Eugene Fine said the ketones change the energy issues inside the body and thus stop the cancer. This is good for prostate, colon and gastric cancer. Also, there was another paper on this matter from Dr. Fine and it said that a diet where insulin is inhibited  is safe and good for cancer fighting.


This diet also helps for neurological issues. It was said in Behavioral Pharmacology that this diet can lessen the symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. also, some other studies proved this keto diet is good for autism. It was said keto diet can help with epilepsy, autism, seizures, and all this is due to overworked brain cells. And was also said that many autism kids had better health after the keto diet for half a year.

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