How to make a French braid

How to make a French braid


Braids are so much fun to do and to watch. But, French braids are classic and beautiful. It is not hard to achieve the look but don’t worry because we have tutorials for you. Once you’ve gotten the basics of a traditional braid down, try a French or French lace braid on for size.

How to do it:

1. Simply divide out a part of hair at the top of your hair.
2. Split it into three sections.
3. Pick one of the outer parts and cross it over the middle part so that it replaces тэ center. The middle becomes the side you just moved.
4. Still holding the other two sections, pick up the opposite side section, add a bit of hanging hair to it and move that part into the center.
5. Then repeat this action (picking up a side section, adding hair and moving it into the middle) all the way down your scalp. Once all of the hanging hair is braided, you’re done with the hard part.
6. Regular braid your hair down to the ends and secure with a small, clear elastic.

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