The healthy facts of rose apples

The healthy facts of rose apples


This apple, has no link to roses or apples. It is in the guava family of fruits and the other name is Syzgium jambos. It is a small shrub tree in south Asia. It’s also spread in other world areas and was used like ornament at first. It is invasive and grows really quick, it even overcrowds other flowers or plants.

It is much like the guava even identical. But, it has a different smell, texture and flavor too.

For cooking, it is best eaten raw like the apples, and also in desserts. In medicine it has limited usage so far, and those are for health benefits.


  1. Diabetes– this apple is alkaloid and regulates the sugar. It can even prevent diabetes 2.
  2. Digestion– it has many fibers and deals with the food inside the right way. It resolves indigestion and gasses. In tradition, it is used for diarrhea and dysentery curing.
  3. Cancer preventing– the active items in this apple stop some cancers. If you mix them with vitamin C and A, they stop prostate and breast cancer.
  4. Detox to the kidneys and liver– if you need this detox, use this apple. It is diuretic and aids the detox faster. Also, boosts metabolism and overall health.
  5. Cholesterol– since rose apple has many fibers, when combined to other health foods it is a miracle fruit. It reduces bad cholesterol. And this means less risks of heart problems, atherosclerosis and other heart issues.
  6. Other usage– a study revealed this fruit to be great for prevention and stopping small pox, joint inflammation, soreness in eyes and seizures. Before you get the fruit, keep in mind the stems, seeds and cultivars can be toxic in the nature and even have some amount of cyanide. Get this from professional fruit sellers.

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