Guyabano is the anti cancer food that pharmacy industry hides

Guyabano is the anti cancer food that pharmacy industry hides


The soursoup tree or guyabano is found in Central America, Caribbean, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia and it is the best for fighting cancer. Even animal studies proved this too. This fruit is way better than chemo even!

There are many findings on this field, and despite this, the fruit is not yet praised as it should be as a real cancer cure.


Experts claimed that extract of this fruit is beneficial like this:

  • Protection to immunity and infections
  • Fighting cancer in natural and safe way, no side effects, no nausea or weight loss like chemo
  • You are stronger and energetic.

A study publication of journal of Natural Products in 1996 stated that an ingredient in the guyabano seeds selects the cytotoxicity to the adenocarcinoma colon cells. Also the seeds are better than the Adriamycin!

Also, studies claimed that the fruit is good for immunity and boosting energy more.


Another study stated that the extract finds and attacks the cancer cells in many types like colon, breast, prostate and lung cancer.

Also the study was made by a large drug producer and had more than 20 tests in labs in the 70s. some of them confirmed the cancer fighting:

  • Death of cancer cells in 12 cancer kinds
  • Extracts of the tree were 1000 times better than Adriamycin for stopping cancer growth
  • The extract attacks JUST sick cells, not healthy ones


Besides the cancer cell death, this fruit also has minerals and vitamins that are rarely found in other foods.

They are:

  • A lot of thiamin that turns sugar to energy
  • Calcium for healthy bones
  • The niacin that stops bad cholesterol
  • Riboflavin that stops migraine and headaches
  • Iron that prevents anemia
  • Less constipation due to fibers in the fruit and resolving colon issues
  • Potassium for strong muscles and no cramps. It is similar to the banana in nutrition here
  • Vitamin C that cures urinary issues and removes bacteria

This fruit is good for pregnant women too and it even stops complications with the fetus since it has folate. This folic acid is good for mothers and babies, and this fruit also eases up the PMS issues and water retention too.

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