Great trick to remove brown spots of the skin

Great trick to remove brown spots of the skin


Brown spots can be scary and they are also known as age spots and can affect our confidence for the skin we have.

Mostly they are seen on the face, shoulders, limbs and hands too. As you get older they get more and more. They can be large and really dark and cannot be avoided.

If you want to remove them fast, read more. There is a great trick to remove them. You just need 2 regular items.

First, know where the spots come from and see if you can stop this in the future.

Here we will explain how to erase them and keep your health.


Too much sun causes this and regardless if you tan or not, or use factor or not. UV is bad as it can be.

The more you tan, the more melanin spots appear. This is seen after some time in the sun and that makes the skin look all dark and “nice”.

The tan will go away, but spots and moles will stay. This means the skin is already damaged and spots are the only thing left.


Yes. Not every spot is cancer, but some can be. Keep in mind; see the spots and their changes. If some change color and shape this is bad. Look for borders and asymmetry. Also see if new ones appear, if they are red and tender and see a doctor ASAP.

If this is heavy on your mind, see a doctor right away and always check your skin when naked. This is a good prevention.

Also take the ABCDEs of Melanoma and see every sign.


Try a simple trick to erase such spots. We have a good juice with just 2 items. It needs minutes to be made and see the video below for more info.

ACV and onion juice is all you need. The onion juice is amazing for the skin and it has antioxidants for the free radical damage on the layer of skin.

The ACV has alpha hydroxyl acids and they exfoliate the skin well from dead layers. Mix these and remove the spots.


Dice an onion and put the bits in a zip bag. Crush them with a blunt item.

With a blender, process the onion and ½ cup ACV.

Soak cotton in this and apply on the skin. For best results, use this for a month.

This might not be magic, but at least it helps a bit. Keep it overnight.

This mix is cheap, healthy, natural and better than other methods. After a few weeks you can see the results.


If you plan to be a vampire and never see the sun, then yes. Otherwise not so much.

But, you can at least be healthier by avoiding direct sunlight and UV, wear long sleeves, use sunscreen and wear comfy pants.

The skin always needs sunscreen even during winter times. NEVER think of tanning beds. They give you  a good tan but they are basically…cancer.

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