Fall winter 2016 2017 fashion trends

Fall winter 2016 2017 fashion trends


The fashion weeks are over and this means we have the complete list of the fall/ winter 2016-2017 fashion trends fresh off the runway that spark such vivid imaginations and dreams. We saw many a lovely design and commented on quite a few trends as well that have either taken hold for the upcoming seasons alone or seem to have seeped in from 2015, refusing to let go just yet.

1: Masculine vs Feminine Tug of War

Possibly the biggest trend of the fall and winter seasons of 2016 is the use of masculine to accentuate certain aspects of femininity. The ladies that walk out onto the runway often have a gender ambiguity about them that really keeps up with the spring and summer trends of this year, making lack of specific sexuality, or instead the appearance of multiple genders in one, the official norm. It is a nod towards the trend of the West, particularly North America and Europe, to embrace individuals on all points of the spectrum, without fail.

DKNY appears with some masculine designs, including the chunky boots and sweater over pinstripe suit combination, while Ralph Lauren comes in with a gorgeous plaid check blazer and brown comfort fit pants paired with a shirt and tie ensemble.

2: Lots and Lots of Layers

We always manage to look good for the fall and winter, but lately there was a problem with keeping warm. Since we want to wear transparent looks, it only makes sense to wear something underneath as well. Then again, we were thinking of something similar in cut to skirts and dresses and not wearing pants and tops and a few other pieces underneath the main piece.

At DKNY, the layers are full and sometimes even absurd, throwing a transparent lace dress over a bandeau top and masculine pants, a lace turtleneck appearing under the velvet brocade at the chest. It looks as if three different looks have been thrown together, worn one on top of the others, and presented as the latest trend. Then again, some designers can make this look pretty good as well, such as the Moschino open-shoulder ‘80s glamour effect over a transparent tank top.

3: ‘80s Glamour

Whether we are thinking rock and roll, leather, fishnets, or the gritty graffiti of the times, it is clear that we have transitioned away from the 1970s and come well into the ‘80s here as we enjoy some of the loveliest retro looks seen yet. It is all about the loud trends for fall 2016 here, with contrasting prints and lots of stellar content.

The combination of white tiger print crop sweater with bright turtlenecks and graffiti miniskirts is intriguing enough without adding fishnets, socks and leopard print shoes to the mix as seen at Giamba. Animal tones are a common sight actually, seen at Just Cavalli, while those fishnet stockings keep on appearing.

It is also prudent to note the use of zippers on the skirts, giving it a more stylish edge. Leather skirts, big accents to the tops, transparent tanks, and tulle layered skirts only make things look more fun, with designers like Lorenzo Serafini and Moschino lighting up the runways with ease.

4: Plenty of Pleating

One of the top fall 2016 trends and spanning further back than that is the look of pleats. While there were more during the spring and summer seasonal presentations, we saw a good amount appear on the fall and winter runways as well, seeing a good pattern there. It was Alessandro Michele who made the pleated midi skirt and lacy underwear combination so enticing and that is where we have continued onwards from. Pleats exist on just about every piece of fashion now and the frills are only one aspect of the pleats, so huge on the Milan runway.

We see them on Gucci quite a bit, with multiple layers of colorful goodness, Arthur Arbesser, Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more adding to the pleated fashion collections. We see side pleats appear at Jil Sander, barely there pleats spotted at 21 N, and dual tone skirts at Tod’s. Yes, it is a gorgeous look and entirely worth sifting through all the gorgeous looks this year.

5: Lots of Velvet

It was so very beautiful to see so much velvet on the runways, with so many intriguing designs on it, from prints to embroideries to the simple cuts of it all. It is an expressive texture, soft to the touch and gorgeous to view, with a slight shimmer to it and the ability to keep you much warmer against the elements. Social events are made all the richer with velvet creations showing of your body.

The use of fall 2016 colors on the velvet is even better, while pairing that with pantsuits makes for a 1980s comeback while still showing off a modern tinge, as is seen with Phillip Lim’s designs. Crazy fuchsia designs at Prabal Gurung also give us some sporty pieces that look well when matched with same color and texture boots.

It is a combination of velvet and lace that we see at DKNY however, with a whole lot of layers, as is the main trend this year. There is so much velvet seen throughout that we can easily dub this the material of the year!

6: Simply Suede

The suede is very much a trend left from 2015, where the 1970s was the era of choice and the designs were retro and blasts from the pasts. We loved the material use then and we love it now, though we are happy that it has given way to velvet and allowed velour to rule as well. One of the most practical and wearable fall/ winter 2016-2017 fashion trends, suede has that special shine to it that only suede can have, the softness of the pieces all the more reason to invest in this winter-perfect material.

At Tory Burch, we see suede in denim blue colors, falling to mid-calf at midi heights and showing off a demure sense of calm that rather inspires faith in the lady’s intelligence as well. Ralph Lauren’s suede pantsuits in the totally masculine effects are beyond darling and definitely covetable. Narciso Rodriguez brings in lovely suede coats worn over satin slips, and Derek Lam does a dual colored midi skirts in pencil dimensions to keep up the cowgirl meets 21st century look alive.

7: Loads of Leather

We have always loved the leather jackets, the leather tops and skirts and everything in between. How can one get enough of leather anyway? It is very much a part of our fall needs and so when The Row gives us super long leather coats in brown or we see cropped leather tops under velvet suits at Phillip Lim. Leather skirts in black, falling to mid-calf, appear under oversized sweaters at Rag & Bone, the skin and its synthetic substitutes appearing time and again in different cuts and creations.

Leather was found on trousers, skirts, dresses and more, even on hoodies for a cleaner effect. Leather was spotted in synthetic, shinier forms on Mulberry, with high necks, ruffled front, long sleeves, and above the knee hems.

It was all about the little black dress with the mid-thigh length of the skirts at Ashley Williams, while the effects at Mary Katrantzou were a little more on the psychedelic side, with images of blue butterflies, red stars and a whole lot more appearing on those skirts. The beauty of the leather pants was clear at David Koma, particularly when combined with a single-shoulder open-décolletage long-sleeve sweater tucked in.

8: Tufts of Colorful Fur

Whether we see bits of fur here and there or lots of it throughout the collections, there is no denying that the faux versions are taking over the fall 2016 fashion trends, looking rather creative with the floral designs at Michael Kors for example, or the Jason Wu cream and black cell designs on the warm material. Tufts of fur appear on the hood of the Tory Burch ensembles. Furry lapels are a huge thing throughout, such as those seen at Calvin Klein, while furry bib-like rounded collars made for an interesting addition to the Roksandacollection.

Honestly, the best part about the fur was the colorful nature of it all, from the Shrimp effect to candy shades, both on real and faux, and extra popular in Milan. It was a mashup of colors seen at Marco de Vincenzo, large collars and thick sleeves to contend with at Fendi, bright Sesame Street blues true to the Iceberg name and with coat matching dress in crazy colors at Versace. And then of course there is the whole Mongolian look with full fur effects as per DSquared2, complete with a very high neck to prevent the cold from ever seeping in.

9: Inclusion of Mesh

While lace is a common look that we have been seeing for a while, it does not compare to the notoriety of mesh that brings in the punk Goth aspects that have made the 2016 fashion trends so very different from past seasons. We see it appear as turtlenecks, for example, such as that seen at Opening Ceremony, or as part of the skirts on dresses, either in panel or entirely in the design, as per Mulberry’s catwalk presentation.

10: Embroidery and Lace

While more common in 2015 and on the spring runways, both embroidery and lace are still a vital part of the fall/ winter 2016-2017 fashion trends, making the appearance of turtleneck lace dresses under velvet layers and over masculine pants rather refreshing. At Mulberry, the gorgeous lace dresses also come with leather jackets worn over and shiny studs adding to the swishing effects of the skirts, making the pieces all the lovelier to own.

The richness of the embroideries can also easily be found throughout, appearing all the more on the Milan catwalk, the intricacies often deserving of high praise. Roberto Cavalliensured that we get incredible embroideries on the plunge-neck tops and extra-long coats, not sparing talents when it came to the accessories as well. Add on the beauty of embroidery over transparent gowns, such as that seen at Alberta Ferretti and one has to admit that this is one of the best fashion trends meant for fall 2016.

11: Use of Metallic Shine

The metallic looks were all the rage on the catwalks as we noticed skirts, dresses, tops, pants and everything in between appearing in silver, gold, copper and more. It was a look we easily fell in love with, the variety of shiny metallic details all the more attractive when appearing as art on transparent gowns such as that seen on the Alexander McQueenrunway, or as rather lovely prints on knee-length coats appearing at Peter Pilotto.

Decorative tinsel made many of the pieces seen on the runways look especially shiny with their metallic sheen, from golden coats at Dolce & Gabbana to silver skirts at Fendi, Adam Selman and Marco de Vincenzo giving us even more in that style. The daytime shimmer from the metallic shine was to be commended, bringing some spice to the wardrobes, including with those Felder Felder disco trousers. House of Holland’s metallic sheen was definitely to be commended though as bolts of cobalt appeared on the runways.

12: Around the Knees Midi Hems

Nearly every designer went for the modest but sexy midi hems this year, generally stopping just over the knees but sometimes just under as well. These hemlines serve to elongate the figure, flattering most when just above, so that both legs and chest region effectively look longer, giving the lady wearing the look the illusion of being taller.

Some of the looks were much warmer in material, such as that seen at Herve Leger, while Prabal Gurung’s drop a few inches below the knees in the split panel dress woven together with lace. The skirts often appear below the knees in any case, adding to the professional appeal of each ensemble, while detracting from the sexiness of legs to focus attentions elsewhere.

High skirts at Altuzarra in fuchsia coloring only add to the beauty of the stylish trend. Whether we are talking Calvin Klein or Michael Kors, the longer skirts are certainly lovely, especially when they appear with a small show of skin.

13: Intriguing Pantsuits

Since the masculine meets feminine and vice versa today, we can easily see quite a few pantsuits among the fall 2016 fashion trends that automatically have us wanting to update our work wardrobe, but with something more hip and cool. That might include pinstripe pantsuits tucked into chunky boots and with oversized sweaters topping them for good effect, as per DKNY, or looking especially amazing with plaid checks on an especially manly Ralph Lauren ensemble. Going back to DKNY though, have you seen the open-midriff buck-side pinstripe pantsuits that are very masculine?

Pantsuits are a common sight it appears and so is crazy as we notice bright glitter and amethyst hues come together at Ashish. The power suits look great for this season and have all been given an interesting upgrade, from stripes down the body in coral red, against a black background to Taser prints on the whole of the suits, crazy star spangled designs all over, including on a matching hat and in a more modernistic approach of not wearing anything under the blazer but a sequined bra.

Some of the power suits, such as that seen on the Xiao Li runway looked pretty awesome with the wide pants and artistic accessories, the shoes underneath speaking of as much stylish comfort as the rest of the clothing on display.