Excellent for cleaning blackheads

Excellent for cleaning blackheads


It’s nice when the facial skin is clean and the pores are not noticeable. However, many women struggle with enlarged pores on the face, acne and blackheads that spoil the whole look, because such a skin does not look the least bit attractive.

Blackheads are very annoying and it is little more difficult, but not impossible to get rid of. On the market there are many products intended specifically for cleaning the face, but somehow is always better to use something homemade.

I suggest you try this effective mask for cleaning the pores on your face.

To prepare the mask you will need:

– Half a teaspoon of gelatin
– 1 tablespoon of milk (water)
– Half a larger tablet of activated charcoal (or a small)
– Hard Brush

Chop the tablet of activated charcoal very tenuously, then mix it with gelatin and add milk (water)

Thoroughly mix (nothing dissolves – as it should) and put in the microwave for 15 seconds, or warm it on water vapor. Remove it, put it to cool down a little and immediately apply on the face (nose, chin ..) after bathing.
With hard brush “pat” in the pores, and after applying a thin layer on the problem areas.
Wait until completely dry (about twenty minutes) and remove the mask (be sure to remove it in one piece)
Apply a nourishing cream.

Excellent for cleaning and tightening pores. The result is visible immediately

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