Easy weekend craft: upcycle an old stool

Easy weekend craft: upcycle an old stool


Most basements hide an old forgotten stool, and most closets have more than one frumpy sweater. Both items probably should have been cleared out long ago. But because they’re still hanging around … why not marry the two and re-purpose them into a stylish stool you’ll actually use?

Braided stools have a modern-mod 3D effect that will liven up any classic room, and match even the coolest of designer lofts. If you happen to have a sweater similar to one of the Pantone colors for 2016—a baby pink Rose Quartz or a powder blue Serenity— you’ll be so on trend your teenager might actually think you’re cool again. (OK, maybe not. But we’ll think you’re cool.)

You Will Need:

an old stool
a large sweater
a piece of upholstery foam (we recommend at least 1″ thick)
a tacker
scissors, needle, and thread
sandpaper, masking tape, and white spray paint (optional)


If the legs of your stool need a little refreshing sand them delicately with fine sandpaper to remove blemishes or an old stain.


Draw long straight lines on the foam and cut separate braid pieces with scissors (we made 14 strips, 1.2″ wide, 1.2″ deep and 16″ long). The number of pieces depends on the size of the stool, ours was approximately 12″ wide. You also need to remember to make them long enough to be able to fold them underneath the stool on both sides.


Cut the sweater into rectangles 16″ long and wide enough to cover the foam pieces tightly (ours were approximately 4″ wide). The sweater must be large enough to provide enough cover for all your foam pieces.


Sew the sweater pieces together around all the foam braids.


Tack the endings underneath the stool attaching them on two conjoined edges, as if the stool was a square or a loom, not a circle. Only then will you be able to braid them properly.


Place masking tape at about 2″ from the base of the stool legs and spray the ends with white paint, and let dry.

Now give yourself a pat on the back, and take a load off on your new stool.