Destroy the fat deposits and eliminate all the parasites from your body...

Destroy the fat deposits and eliminate all the parasites from your body only with this ingredient


The seed we are going to present you today is birdseed. People usually use it to feed their birds, but did you know that we can use it, too? It is abundant in high quantities of amino acids and enzymes that are very beneficial for the human body.

This seed also contains high quantities of the enzyme lipase that is extremely beneficial for the process of digestion.

It has the ability aptitude to decompose fat, and enables us to absorb it rapidly through the intestines. It is an enzyme with a very high nutritional value and that serves very well in the reduction of the symptoms of indigestion, as well as the celiac disease.

Nutritional information and health benefits:

  • It has the ability to recharge the enzymes
  • The quantity and type of proteins found in birdseed are very easy to digest and less harmful for the human body
  • This seed contains different types of vegetable proteins
  • It is very powerful antioxidant which is very useful in the delay of the process of aging and tightens the skin
  • It can regenerate the pancreas and help you eliminate diabetes in a very short time
  • The enzymes found in these seed are like a natural remedy. They are very useful in the reduction of the inflammation of our internal organs as: kidneys, liver and pancreas
  • This seed helps us fight atherosclerosis
  • It is also very useful in the process of recharging the renal enzymes and elimination of the excess of liquids from the human body
  • It is refreshing


Dip 5 tablespoons of birdseed in water and leave it to rest during the night. Strain the water in the morning and put the dipped birdseed in a blender. Add a little bit of soy milk of some fruits if you want it and blend. You can also add a little bit of honey to taste, but never add sugar!

This birdseed milk is very nourishing and it is an excellent energy drink for starting the day and a great way to finish it. Drink it warm before you go to bed or in the morning, instead of coffee.

Health Expert Group