christmas makeup ideas

christmas makeup ideas


Christmas is the festival of glamour. Each one wants to look good, dress well and have fun. This Christmas you can try some makeup tips to look good. Neon colors are in trend this Christmas season. There is pop culture also which is becoming very popular.

GET SOME IDEAS FOR THE DRESS: Green Dresses For Christmas This Christmas use a lot of accessories to compliment your outfit. You can also use some Christmas special makeup tips to enhance your look. There are a few makeup tips that will help you look good this Christmas.

Eyes– Make your eyes look bold and beautiful. For this use a mascara to thicken your eyelashes. Compliment it with a thick black Kajal. The eyelashes will look thick and black. You can use a combination of grey and black eyeliner to give a smoky appearance to your eyes. The smudge and smoky look is adored by all. After you are done with the liner and mascara use a combination of light and dark shades of an eye shadow with colors that would compliment your dress. The eye shadow should be applied lightly over the eyelids. Your eyes would look defined and bigger with this look. Try this Christmas make up tip to look good.

Lips- The pop culture is back in trend. Use the bright shades of pink and red on your lips. This is a Christmas tip you would want to use. If you are not comfortable with a bright lip color, use a basic lip gloss on your lips. You could try a nude shade or a light pink shade to give your lips the extra shine. It is the trend of being an extremist. Either use bright makeup for your lips or use something more subtle. The choice should totally depend on your outfit.

Face– Shimmer is the new makeup tip for Christmas. Use shimmer based powder on face after using a primer or a foundation. You may also use a glow foundation. Shimmer based make up will leave your face shining. This makes up type will look good for a Christmas party or Christmas dinner. The shimmer should be used according to skin shade. People with a dark skin shade should not use a lot of shimmer. Always use a shimmer shade that would suit your skin tone and would blend with it perfectly.

Cheeks– Your cheek bones are an integral feature of your face. To enhance them you can use a light colored blush. The bluish color should be applied slightly. The color of the blush should be compatible to the eye shadow and your outfit. Avoid dark colors if you are using a dark or bright lip color. Your makeup should not look overdone.

Nail– Again for the nails, there are two extreme options. One is using neon or bright colored nail colors. This should be done if the rest of your makeup is colorful. If you are going for the simple look, use only French manicure on your nails. This makeup tip for nails depends, entirely upon the rest, on your make up. You could also try a few nail art designs especially for Christmas.