The best veggies for your health and clean body

The best veggies for your health and clean body


Everyone knows that veggies are crucial for health. But, some veggies have more than others detox items and they are mostly ignored in the veggie aisles. Here is a short list of the best veggies for your health and clean body.


It removes inflammation and even keeps colon and liver healthy. Those seeds soothe the belly and the leaves, stalks, bulb, have fibers, antioxidants and potassium too.


The US Agriculture Department had a list of the best antioxidant veggies and artichoke was one of them on place 7. Studies showed that this veggie lowers bad cholesterol and relieves gastro problems.


These greens are in the same group as kale and broccoli. They also are packed with vitamin K, A and C and remove bad cholesterol. One cup of this and you get 5 g fiber for good digestion.


The kale detoxifies the whole system and gives you vitamin C, K and A. studies showed kale to prevent some cancers and keep the cardio health.


The beet has betalain which is a phytonutrient and stops early aging and inflammation. Also, it makes a good detox. Keep in mind, for best consuming, longer cooking is more betalain damage. Koop it briefly for 15 min with boiling or steam and tops is 45 if you roast/bake it.

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