Because we love fashion

Because we love fashion


The latest fashion trends could not be more contrasting.Dominates the game of all kinds of different and often conflicting styles: narrow or very broad, retro or futuristic, girlish or boyish, floral or graphic patterns, tweed or chiffon, romantic knitting or “vamp” dress, tomboy or princess, elegance or eccentricity, neoprene or leather, asymmetry or symmetry… And these are just some of the latest fashion trends.

Again this year the highlights of the new season are the booties! The new generation of booties wins sympathies with incredible stylistic diversity: from the feminine refinement of the half booties through the booties with laces to the frank masculine style, through the elegant “Chelsea” booties issuing character to the sexy booties with high heels – all these must be present in the autumn wardrobe!

Along with them stand and the catchy sneakers, but also and the classic models high-heeled shoes and boots demonstrate competence in fashion. The new favorites of women are presented mainly in black. The brown and gray shades, very rarely manage to intervene in the colors of the autumn-winter season fashion. The lack of multiple colors, however, is compensated by the mix of different materials, appliqués, knitwear, quilted fabrics, but also with zippers, buckles and metal chains.

These are the new fashion trends in the footwear:


The absolute and mandatory fashionable joker! The medium high booties are the perfect solution for the cold, but not yet frosty days. And with the narrowed current the feet look fine and slim!

Half booties

If anyone thought that this was something transient in the fashion trends made a mistake! The favorite half booties remain at the forefront and this season! No wonder that they have become a major player. The reason may have been the mild winter, or still the opportunity to wear sexy boots. Anyway – you must have them!

“Chelsea” booties

In fact, they have been created for the male wardrobe, but in the meantime the ladies finally took them! This type of boots impress with stately classic and a dose of seriousness. This year they exist in an impressive variety, even with a square current.

High heels

The high heels are not only the preserve of the shoes, but also for the boots. The classical shoes this season are narrow with a pointed tip and thus captivate with elegant casualty!

Shoes with laces

And they are fashionable this year, and not only for him but also for her! Moreover – this season the low shoes with laces are her trademark, because they express best the self-confident urban woman!

Sports shoes

Absolutely mandatory this fall are the sneakers! And in general can be said that the fashion this season is inspired by the sporty style. Dynamics, chic, youthful appearance – that we definitely like!

Women: The young ladies also want to be stylish and chic! The colors are rosé and all shades of forest fruits, and the fashionable applications on the new models of boots and sneakers are more than welcome!

Men: This season the men rely on the classics. The elegant business shoes are anyway obligatory for his wardrobe. On the other hand, the daily models decorated with seams create a feeling of freedom and casualty.