Bad husband qualities

Bad husband qualities


In the name of love and relationships, a lot of exploitation happens. In fact, some men try to keep their partners in their grip just to fulfill their thirst to control others. Some husbands have a tendency to throw all their workplace frustration at home by shouting at spouse and blaming her for their failure.

This way, knowingly or unknowingly many personality disorders develop and surface in human relationships. So, here are some differences to know whether your husband is a good one or an unbearable one.

Intimidation Vs. Inspiration

Does he try to show authority or demand respect from you? Or does he try to inspire you to help you know your strengths? A gentleman wants love, not authority over his partner

Intrusive Vs. Free

Does he watch every move of yours just to wait for an opportunity to criticise you or find fault? Or does he trust you and give you the freedom?

Talking Vs. Listening

Does he try to talk all the time just exercise power over you? A good husband tries to listen more and talk less in order to know more about your needs and requirements.

Command Vs. Request

If he wants something, does he try to command you? Well, a good husband requests you if he needs any help.

Complaining Vs. Reviewing

Does he keep complaining about all your failures? Well, a good husband just reviews the situation to know what went wrong without blaming anyone. He focuses on what needs to be done.

Being Right Vs. Being Together

Does he always try to be right all the time in all arguments? Well a good husband focuses on being together, not on being right.

Unrealistic Expectations Vs. Realistic Relationship Goals

A guy who expects too much from his partner but contributes nothing is an unbearable person. A good husband chalks out realistic goals and works with his partner to achieve them.