Amazing home remedy to get rid of your ear pain

Amazing home remedy to get rid of your ear pain


If you are constantly suffering from ear pain, then it could definitely cause a lot of concern and also there is a natural remedy that can help you treat this condition, right at home! Pain in the ears, especially if it occurs on a daily basis can be rather bothersome and may also hamper your daily activities. If there is extreme pain in your ears, it can also lead to consequent headaches, facial pain, fatigue, etc. Also Read : Home Remedies To Cure Ear Pain Some of the most common causes for ear pain are, bacteria infection, common cold, build-up of excess wax, smoking or passive smoking, inflammation, accumulation of dust, throat infection, etc.

Whatever the reason maybe for your ear pain, when it persists, it can put a person under a lot of discomfort. If your ear pain is a symptom of other ailments, it is important to take treatment for those ailments. You can also try this home remedy to reduce your ear pain naturally; have a look. Recipe To Prepare The Remedy :

Ingredients Required : Basil Leaf Juice (Tulsi) – 1 tablespoon  Onion Juice – 1 tablespoon This natural remedy to get rid of ear pain can be very effective, when you use the right quantities and follow it on a regular basis. In addition to using this remedy, it is also important to take treatment to the ailment, which is causing ear pain as a symptom.

The basil leafs, or tulsi, contains certain enzymes that come with strong anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling inside the ear, thus reducing the pain. Onion contains allium, a compound that has the ability to reduce infection and pain in the year.

Method To Prepare And Use The Remedy : Add the suggested amounts of ingredients in a cup.  Stir well, to form a mixture.  Now, take 2 drops of the mixture in small dropper and put it inside your ear.  Use this remedy only when you have ear pain, just once a day.  Talk to your doctor before using the remedy.