Amazing colors of lipsticks

Amazing colors of lipsticks


There are some universal lip shades that suit almost everyone. And some shades that sadly a lot of people cannot pull off. So, we bring to you a list of lip colours that would suit everyone!

So, don’t feel sad about the shades that you can’t pull off because for every shade like that, there is one that you would definitely be able to rock. There are a lot of best options in the world of lipstick, especially the number of tones that each shade comes in. And not to mention, the number of amazing finishes that lipsticks come in.

There’s a wide range to make your pick from, like matte, crème, satin and lustre finishes. So, if a certain lip shade does not suit you, there isn’t any reason to worry, as there are certain universal lip shades as well. You want a lipstick that makes your entire face brighten up or look complete in a way. Avoid lipsticks that wash you out or make you look dull.

Here are all the lip colours that would suit everyone, no matter what skin tone your skin is.

1. Blue Toned Red: A blue toned red is a perfect lip shade because it would brighten up your face and even make your teeth look white. If you’re looking for a signature red lippy, go for a blue toned one

2. True Red: True red without any blue or orange undertones is a must in every beauty wardrobe. This classy shade can make any outfit look jazzed up.

3. Rusty Orange: A rust orange shade is perfect for anyone because it isn’t as loud as a neon orange or a bright orange. This can be paired with both Indian and Western clothes.

4. Coral: Corals look good on all skin tones as long as they are not neon. When you feel like playing things up a bit and yet want to go safe, coral is the pick.

5. Magenta: Magenta is the one pink shade that everyone can pull off. It is a true dark pink. Pinks with blue undertones can be slightly risky for Indian or medium skin tones, as they can make the entire face look dull.

6. True Brown: The cool, iconic shade of the 90s is back to rule! This shade looks good on everyone. So go on, bring the brown back!

7. Oxblood: Deep, oxblood shades look vampy and can be pulled off by everyone, you’ve just got to be daring enough. And make sure, you accompany this with a face full of makeup.