A Multi purpose concealer you definitely want to have eye goals

A Multi purpose concealer you definitely want to have eye goals


Dior Fix-It made a multi-purpose concealer both time saving and maximizing the space in our beauty bags.

This concealer, can hide the usual shadows and blemishes, be used as a ‘skin perfector’ plus as a primer and finally for contouring! It seems like it is totally worth the $36 price tag.

Online Beauty Editor Bridget tired out this product for us, transforming her face using nothing but the concealer, mascara and lipstick.  Take a look at the pictures below and see it for yourself:


1. To conceal dark circles

If you want to hide the dark circles around the eyes just apply the concealer underneath the eye starting from the inner corner and a third of the way along the orbital bone. Next, add a touch to the outer corner of the eye and simply blend into the skin with the ring finger using a light patting motion

2. To smooth and prime eyelids for makeup

If you want to brighten the eyelid, apply the concealer over the upper eyelid and again blend it with the ring finger lightly rolling it into the skin.

Tip: In case you want a lighter coverage apply the concealer onto the ring finger first and then pat it onto the area you want to correct and prime.



3. To blur “imperfections”

When it comes to bluring, the key areas to be taken care of are pimples, pigmentation and redness. For this purpose, smooth the concealer over the key areas, then pat it with the ring finger in order to blend it. The center of the stick is enriched with a soft focus powder which helps bluring the skin texture and camouflages color irregularities.

4. To contour

Doing the contouring with this magical stick is simply child’s play.  Apply a light shade to the high points of the face, the center panel, from the forehead, over the nose and cupids bow, finishing at the center of the chin and underneath the apples of the cheeks in order to highlight and lift the bone structure of your face.

Next, apply a dark shade along the hairline and out towards the temples and underneath of the cheekbones, along the lower jawline, underneath the lower lip and both of the sides of the nose bridge. This is done in order to define the sculpt, blend it using your fingertips in a patting motion and finish it up using a powder brush for a seamless result.

Tip: If you want a longer lasting result, at the end use a light dusting of translucent powder.


5. To prime your lips

Before applying lipstick, smooth the lip lines and neutralize your lip color by applying the concealer with your ring finger in gentle patting movements. This gives a stronger color pay off from your lipstick and makes it last longer.

Tip: In case of excess, use a tissue to remove the concelaer by lightly blotting it.


With this lightweight product, the face doesn’t look cakey but also it helps us save time. Maybe it’s high time this product took its place in your beauty bag, what do you think?