9 Things Girls with Long Hair Do But Will Never Admit To

9 Things Girls with Long Hair Do But Will Never Admit To


Any girl with long hair knows it’s simultaneously the most luxurious, eye-catching accessory and the biggest pain in the neck (sometimes literally—like when it takes the length of an episode of Scandal just to blow dry your hair). Because of this shared love-hate-love-again struggle, long-locked ladies all have a few things in common when it comes to taking care of their precious strands.

Here are nine habits girls with long hair almost definitely have but probably will never confess to doing. Hey, what’s wrong with keeping a little mystery in a girl’s beauty routine?

1. Owning Way More Masks, Treatments, and Leave-In Conditioners Than Anyone Should
You’ve lost track of how many Saturday nights you’ve been spent watching Netflix with your hair soaking in all those delicious nutrients.


2. Freaking Out When Your Own Hair Tickles Your Arm
IS THAT A BUG?! Oh, it’s just the tip of your ponytail. Sorry.

3. Using All That Hair as an Excuse to Take Super-Long Showers
It’s not your fault it takes time to evenly distribute the shampoo.

4. Having a Standing Appointment at the Salon Because Styling Your Own Hair Is Actually the WORST
You have no pity for your short-haired friends who complain about spending a whole 15 minutes doing their hair every morning—try spending a full hour flat ironing waist-length locks.

5. Regularly Contemplating Cutting Your Hair But Never Actually Doing It
You don’t even want to think about how many frantic “should I get a lob??!” texts you’ve sent your friends—and let’s not talk about your “Short Hair, Don’t Care” Pinterest board.

6. Secretly Resenting Celebs Who Join the Short Hair Club
You thought we were all in this together, Taylor Swift! But whatever, you’ll always have the original inspiration for #HairGoals: Rapunzel.

7. Clogging Up Every Drain You’ve Ever Used
Those pesky strands have a way of knotting around anything they come into contact with—and you’re obsessed with picking up every last one so you don’t leave a mess.

8. Refusing to Get Even a Tiny Trim
You’ve worked so hard to get to this length—and it’s not like split ends even really show on long hair.

9. Complaining About #LongHairProblems…But Still Loving Your Long Locks
Sometimes you just need to whine about how your hair still isn’t dry—and then spend hours pampering it like it’s your own child.