8 Healthy Beverages – Drink Each At The Right Moment!

8 Healthy Beverages – Drink Each At The Right Moment!


In order for our body to function properly except the food, a sufficient amount of liquids should be also consumed.


When you feel tired, have a headache or stomach cramps, then you are probably dehydrated. Scientists have proven that women on average need two liters of water a day for the body to function properly. Also if you want to lose a few kilos before each meal, drink a glass of water. During a training and exercise you should drink water in small sips.


If you have a frequent need for caffeine and you drink coffee several times a day, it would be good if you can replace at least one cup of coffee with a cup of tea a day. If you want to reduce your dependence on caffeine it is recommended to drink more black tea. Tea of mint, chamomile and ginger are excellent for stomach and stomach pains. Sage helps with pain and infection in the mouth, and green tea is excellent for weight loss. While in a fight against the common cold rosehip tea may help.


If you have problems with constipation, ideal to solve that problem is the juice from dried plums. It is rich in vitamin C, iron and calcium, and contains high amounts of fiber, which helps in emptying the bowel. Cranberry juice is excellent in fighting urinary tract infections. Orange juice will help for faster digestion. It is best if you make yourself juice in a juicer.


Coffee contains a high amount of chromium and magnesium. These two minerals help the body to metabolize insulin and prevents type 2 diabetes The coffee also prevents depression in women.


Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, so it is ideal beverage for strengthening the bones and teeth. The milk also protects the heart and leads the blood pressure to normal. Furthermore, women who often consume milk are less prone to weight gain.


Beer contains large amounts of iron which is responsible for the flow of oxygen from the lungs to other organs. In this way the oxygen in the blood is coming faster and results in enhanced durability. Beer is rich in antioxidants which help in restoring cells in the body, and thus fight against cancer. Certainly, it should be consumed in small quantities and drink for at least two hours before bedtime because it can lead to insomnia.


Lemonade is an excellent source of vitamin C and as such strengthens the immune system. It is ideal for all seasons because it refreshes, revives and detoxify our body. The healthiest to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water to which you have added a squeezed lemon.


This drink is ideal for busy women. At the same time your body nourishes and hydrates. Take a blender and make various combinations of milk, water and juice. Believe whatever you choose it will not be wrong and your body will be grateful.

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