7 Ways Green Tea Can Help Make You More Beautiful!

7 Ways Green Tea Can Help Make You More Beautiful!


If there’s one magical potion that can give you beauty and health both by great bounds, that would be green tea. A whole lot of models all around the world swear by their one beauty secret – ‘the green tea’ to keep them radiating beauty and gorgeousness effortlessly.

If you need some inspiration to make those few cups of it a part of daily diet, here are a few reasons why you should do it already..,

1.It helps with weight loss

Green tea is the magical weight loss drink that a lot of celebs swear by. It can boost metabolism and lead to weight loss thereby. Three to four cups of green tea in a day can help you lose weight much quicker if you’re trying to lose weight. In case you’re trying to put on weight, green tea can still help you do that by increasing your metabolism.

2. It slows down the ageing of the skin

It is full of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidants help slow down the ageing process. Thereby, green-tea can slowdown the ageing of skin and thereby helps prevent problems that come with ageing like pigmentation and wrinkling up of the skin. It can hence render your skin fresh and healthy from the inside.

3.It can be used as a soothing liquid on skin

When you’ve had a bad case of sun burn or when your skin is tired, green-tea can help soothe your skin. All you have to do is cool your tea and apply it on your skin with the help of a cotton that has been dipped in the liquid. You’ll be surprised at how your skin is going to be instantly refreshed.

4.Used Tea bags can be used for cooling the eyes off

After you’ve had your cup of green tea, you don’t have to throw away those green-tea bags as they can be mighty helpful in keeping your eyes fresh and healthy. Cool those bags off and place them on your eyes. They can help fade out dark circles, soothe the eyes and make them look fresh and bright.

5.Make a mask out of used tea powder

Making a face mask out of used green-tea powder is the best way to make use of all the benefits it can bestow upon our face. Mix the powder with your regular face mask or with any other DIY face mask that you can make with the help of curds, besan or any other natural ingredient and leave it on your face for a while. It will have a rejuvenating effect on your skin.

6.Tea powder can be used for the strengthening of the hair

Green-tea powder has got some great benefits for your hair as well. You can use the powder as a hair mask or rub it over your hair and scalp along with your shampoo for it to show its benefits on your hair. It has the ability to strengthen your hair from the roots and leave it shiny and bouncy.

7.Tea powder can be used as a body scrub for exfoliation

Using body scrubs just before you take bath is a great way to exfoliate your skin. And green-tea powder (used or unused) is one of the best natural body scrubs that we can use as it has a very rejuvenating and exfoliating effect on the skin.

If you think that the bitter taste of green-tea is something that your taste buds can’t stand, here’s a little tip for you : squeeze a few drops of lemon in your tea to make it tangy and thereby less bitter. Also, drinking it while it is steaming hot will make your tongue numb to the bitterness.

Isn’t that motivation enough? Go ahead and make green tea a part of your daily diet already!

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