6 Reasons To Eat More Eggs – You Will Start Eating Them...

6 Reasons To Eat More Eggs – You Will Start Eating Them Daily!


They contain some healthy unsaturated fats and 6 grams of protein. Eggs are an excellent source of zeaxantin, lutein and choline that preserve eye health, protect from vision lost and prevent dark circles.

Eggs are rich in nutrients and are recommended to be eaten for breakfast, because in this way you’ll provide the necessary dose of protein to your body that is needed for the rest of the day.

Another good news for all those who choose eggs for their healthy breakfast: This food will help you to regulate your body weight… Include them in your first morning meal and combine them with grain.

After reading this article, you will probably include them even more in your everyday menu. Enjoy!

  1. Eggshell
    The eggshell doesn’t indicate the reduced nutritional values of the egg; it only “reveals” the type of hen. Therefore, you don’t need to pay much attention whether the eggshell is brighter or darker. The nutritional value of this food is still inside, no matter the outside.
  2. Salmonella in eggs
    Only one of the 20,000 factory farmed eggs is “poisoned” with salmonella. The possibility of becoming infected with the bacteria by eating eggs is so small that the average consumer of eggs will find one infected in every 84 years, writes Lolvot.
  3. Yolk
    The yolk color depends on the nutrition that the hen had and doesn’t “reveal” the lack of nutritional value, as you may think, if the yolk has lighter color.
  4. A blood stain on the yolk
    There is a big chance that this has happen to you, but if you are wondering what the cause is, here’s the answer. This happens when a capillaries breaks in the yolk and that doesn’t mean that you should doubt in the egg’s quality.
  5. Aracuana chicken
    This type of hen is known as “Easter chicken” because she naturally lays blue, pink, green and brown eggs.
  6. Eggs and cholesterol
    One egg “covers” two-thirds of the maximum recommended daily intake of cholesterol. However, if you wonder about the health risks if you eat a lot of eggs, don’t worry. The daily consumption of eggs doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease, the researches have found.

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