5 Ways To Get Over Guilt

5 Ways To Get Over Guilt


Guilt is a powerful and dangerous emotion because it disempowers you and undermines your self-esteem. No matter what the cause, guilt should be healed and released as soon as possible.

We all make mistakes. They’re meant to teach you what not to do and what doesn’t work – not cripple and inhibit you by creating guilt.

Here are five steps to help you overcome guilt:

1. Take responsibility for your actions and behavior.

It may be difficult, but once you own what you’ve done, you can see it for what it really is…an error in judgment and/or behavior. Errors can be corrected.

2. Allow yourself to be human.

This means letting go of the idea that you must be perfect in everything you do. This is an unrealistic expectation and will drive you crazy as you try to do the impossible.

3. Try to understand what motivated your behavior.

Be honest with yourself. If you aren’t, you’ll be inclined to repeat the mistake and this will intensify your feelings of guilt.

4. Apologize to all offended parties.

Be sincere in your apologies. People are sensitive enough to know when you’re making a genuine apology.

5.Love yourself enough to acknowledge your weaknesses.

That way, you can see the areas where you might want to grow. When you love yourself, you take care of your emotional well-being, just like you do your physical health.

Guilt causes sleeplessness, anxiety, resentment, stress and can lead to unhealthy behaviors like substance abuse, rage and depression.

A clear conscious empowers you. It boosts your energy, builds your confidence and self-esteem and allows you to move and live freely in the world. It frees your mind and spirit; and freedom is the most precious gift life has to offer.

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