5 Things everyone needs to understand about anxiety

5 Things everyone needs to understand about anxiety


   1- Anxiety can impact you both physically and mentally.

When you find yourself angry that your anxious employee took another sick day or annoyed that your friend with anxiety cancelled at the last moment, hold up! Anxiety can impact you mentally and physically. Before you rush to judgement, try to understand how they feel.

     2- It’s not an attention grab.

People who talk about their anxiety and don’t hide their symptoms aren’t looking for attention. They just want you to understand them. Chances are, they don’t want attention at all. That may be something they’re anxious about! Don’t write off their state as being dramatic.

     3- It doesn’t make you weak.

Anxiety doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t devalue you as a person. Just about everyone feels anxiety at some time or another. Don’t single out people with anxiety. Don’t target them. Don’t call them names. Don’t think less of them.

     4- It’s not introversion.

More importantly I think it’s best to understand that introverts aren’t the only people with anxiety problems. Extroverts can be impacted by it as well. When you have anxiety, you don’t always want to go out into the world and do things. Don’t slap a label on it. Just respect their decisions.

     5- It’s possible to have depression too.

Anxiety and depression tend to walk hand in hand. Brush up on the 5 Things You Should Know If Someone You Love Is Depressed and 5 Things People Do To Hide Their Depression.

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