5 signs like has turned to love

5 signs like has turned to love


It would seem that every romantic movie ever created teaches us the same thing. When you meet that one special someone for the first time, there’s a “zing.” It has to be that sweep me off my feet, fireworks in the sky, heart pumping, blood racing, trumpets proclaiming, “I’m in love! He’s the one! Don’t let him get away!” kind of feeling. It was because of these movies that when I was dating, I waited for that kind of feeling. I dated a lot, but I never had that “sweep me off my feet” feeling. I love the quote, “Sometimes love isn’t firecrackers. Sometimes love comes softly.” This is exactly how love came for me, and I think that it is how it comes for most of us. Here is a practical guide to know if love is coming softly for you.

He is your best friend

If you feel like you can tell him anything, and you do, you have found someone with whom you can share the rest of your life. Marriage is more than just a physical investment, it is more of an emotional investment. If you feel comfortable enough with him that you can share your secrets, then you have a stronger foundation than most married couples.

You’re willing to sacrifice your happiness for hers

If you search your heart and you are willing to give up what you really want to make her happy then your affections are more than that of merely liking someone. Your “like” has turned to “love.” You are willing to sacrifice what you want for the love of another.

He inspires you to be better

Consider when you are with him. If he inspires you to be better than you are, then you have found a true companion. He may inspire you because you are able to notice all the positive characteristics that he has, and you want to strive to be like him in those characteristics. Or he may inspire you because he encourages you to follow your dreams and create your own destiny. Either way, you are better when you are with him.

You accept her for who she is

Rather than wanting to change her you accept her, warts and all. You admire who she is, and you accept everything about her, both her strengths and her weaknesses. You see those things as a valuable and important part of what makes her uniquely her. You find her beautiful just the way she is.

The future looks bleak without him

If you look ahead five years, and you cannot see your life without him in it, or you are saddened by the thought of it, then love has come softly and found a place in your heart. If you cannot imagine your future without him, make sure to secure your future with him.

Too often we let love pass by, never realizing it was with us all along. Love isn’t always fireworks, sometimes it’s a whisper that echoes softly in the doorway of friends. At first, my husband and I were friends. I liked him, and he liked me. When did it turn to love? I cannot say exactly, but it did as we spent time together, as we trusted one another, as we inspired one another. Although this guide will assist you to know if you’re in love, only you can truly know when “like” turns to “love.” Listen to your heart, really listen, and you can know. Sometimes, love speaks softly.


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