5 health benefits of acroyoga

5 health benefits of acroyoga


Acroyoga is pretty impressive. Just take a look at some of the routines all over YouTube and Instagram, and you might start feeling a little bit overwhelmed. Not to worry, though there are plenty of ways for beginners to practice acroyoga.

Acroyoga is a combination of acrobatics and yoga performed between two partners. One partner is the base while the other is the flyer. The base supports the flyer in a series of movements that combine balance, strength and acrobatics.

You might wonder for what reasons, other than fun, you would want to partake in this kind of yoga practice. Here are a few of the benefits that acroyoga can give you.

croyoga isn’t easy. It requires a lot of core strength, and will help you develop that strength if you currently lack in that area. Whether you’re a base or flyer, you will need a lot of core strength to keep yourself or your partner balanced in the air.

“In order to hold many acroyoga poses or move through many acroyoga combinations, it is necessary to move fluidly from one ‘tight’ stabilized core neutral position to the next,” writes Health & Fitness Advisory. “Think fluid movements to planks in different position with a partner added in the mix.”

Kinesthetic Awareness

By practicing this unique form of yoga, you’ll develop an awareness of your body and its position in space that’s difficult to learn from other pursuits. You’ll need to use proper technique in order to complete the movements without you or your partner falling or breaking form.

Muscle Building

The core isn’t the only part of your body that gets extra attention when you practice partner yoga. You’ll also build muscles in the legs, arms and chest by holding another individual over your head, or by keeping your body taut as you fly through the air. As a result, you’ll get a body-building workout that is sure to make a difference in your physique over time.


Of course, like all forms of yoga, stretching is a big component of acroyoga. This is especially true for the flyer, who may be doing extensions of splits poses or backbends once he or she reaches an advanced level. Even at the beginning stages, though, your partner can apply gentle pressure in ways that will enhance your stretch.


In addition to the physical challenges of acroyoga, there’s also a therapeutic aspect. Acroyoga’s second component is all about giving and receiving loving-kindness. Instead of a flyer and a base, partners divide up into Givers and Receivers. The Giver moves the receiver in various ways in order to give him or her a sense of kindness and groundedness.

Like all forms of yoga, acroyoga is multidimensional and requires lots of time and dedication. Even if you’re new to the practice, you’ll get to experience many of these health benefits while developing trust and companionship with your partner.

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